Pour Out (all) Your ❤️. . .. and Block the DM

I found some hidden DM’s on my social media yesterday. You know the hard to get to folder in your inbox that contains spam and other messages Facebook deems sketchy or unwanted? They were in there.

The messages contained things like “if you are a Christian, you should ____” as well as various other accusations, questions and demands with the intention to guilt, manipulate or control.

They were sent a couple years ago from a person that had visited our church one time (since I was the associate pastor). I liked the person and felt bad for some painful experiences they had been through. I wanted to encourage them. They also encouraged me and sometimes challenged my perspective on some things and I enjoyed that. But, when I didn’t agree or respond in manner that was timely or agreeable enough, the accusation and manipulation would start up. I tried to communicate love, truth and care for a little while but reluctantly chose to block them because of the ongoing barrage.

Psalm 62:8, “pour out your heart to Him,

for God is our refuge (protection, place of safety).

Psalm 62 says says to “pour our your heart to Him.” 1 Peter 5:7 similarly says to cast all your cares and anxieties on Him. When you pour something out, that means to empty it – don’t hold anything back. Far, far more than any work, action or offering of some sort, Father God just wants your heart. God can handle every thought or feeling that goes through your head and heart. We all need a place to go to pour out and process the things in our heart. We need a safe place to unload hurts, frustrations and fears. We need a place we can freely hope, dream and process how to get to the next steps and move forward. We need a place to be heard, affirmed or even corrected. We need a place where our heart is completely free to be 100% authentic and honest and still be accepted and held even after all the ugly, ridiculous or child-like hopefulness is on display.

How would a parent feel if their kid dutifully did chores but never shared anything about their inward thoughts, hopes, dreams, needs or desires (some of your are giggling and thinking that would be awesome 🤣). Sure, they would appreciate the diligence but would be left wanting a heart connection instead of just a list of completed chores. Relationships are about trust, vulnerability and connection. Relationship involves mutual sharing and caring for one another.

Have you ever been overwhelmed? Pour out your heart. Ever felt afraid, unsure what to do or raging angry? Pour out your heart. The end of Psalm 62:8 says He is our refuge. That means He is our protection or place of safety. We all experience things that will cause emotions ranging from joy and delight to sadness, anger and even despair. God can handle it. Pouring out our heart to Him is an act of value and trust. Where we go for hope and help communicates what we put confidence in.

We are not the refuge, He is.

There are many things we can offer support or care for but we are not the refuge of all things. I can offer care and concern, but He heals hearts. We can’t actually resolve the deep needs of people’s hearts for peace or meet every demand to bring comfort and assurance. We can’t bring order to the world’s chaos but we can go to the safe place and point others to it!

I have found that when I pour out my heart to God. . . … . and then wait, listen and trust Him, He will bring the comfort, affirmation or assurance I need in that moment. I may not get an answer to my “why, God” questions but I will leave with an assurance and peace that He has it in His hands. I leave with the confidence He is my protection and place of safety.

And, what happens if I don’t pour out my heart to God and wait for His comfort and assurance that He is holding me and my future? There are a few options I can try . . . . ..but one of them might include getting myself blocked on social media.

Let’s talk about it!
  1. Do you have somewhere you consider to be a safe place that you find peace, comfort or assurance that you will be ok? Is it a person place or thing?
  2. Have you ever went to a person to “unload” your heart? Did it fix the issue? Why or why not?
  3. Have you ever “poured out your heart to God”? Was it helpful? Why or why not?
  4. What are the reasons we don’t go to pour out our heart to God?
  5. Check out 1 Peter 5:7. “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”
    Is there any worry or situation you are carrying today that has left you feeling weighted down, afraid, angry or overwhelmed?
  6. Action steps:
    1. Take some time to think about and identify what exactly you are feeling (fear, stress, anger, hurt, disrespected, etc.)
    2. Tell God what you are thinking and feeling.. .. . . and not just “God I am worried.” Tell Him what you are feeling, when those feelings began, what you are hoping to happen etc.
    3. Give it all to Him. Picture yourself placing a duffel bag of all your fears and worries into His arms to carry. “God, I give you all my ____ and my desire to control or understand the outcome and I trust You with it.”
    4. Receive His peace and assurance. “Father, I give you the weights I carry, I trust you with it and now I receive back your peace and comfort. ” It takes practice to receive something you can’t see or even feel but it gets easier as you practice it. You have to take it just like you would take a dollar bill from someone’s hand, just take it and possess it.
    5. Thank Him for it. Tell Him thank you for it. He wants to meet you and bring comfort to your heart so He will do it if you ask, believe and receive it and thanking Him for it is one of the best ways to begin to “feel” and experience it.


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