16 Things Happening in You Today (according to Ephesians 3)

Just another Monday? Wrong! Everyday we get up and go about our business. We make simple observations and simple conclusions about what we see, but God is always doing much more than what meets the eye.

So if you think today is going to be just another ho-hum day with ordinary things going on, think again! Here are just a few of the things happening today in each member of the family of God:

  • v3 – mystery of Christ made known
  • v6 – co-heirs of God’s covenant promise of redemption, provision and inheritance
  • v7 – grace given, power at work
  • v8 – unsearchable (never will reach the end of) riches of Christ
  • v9 – making plain to everyone
  • v10- displaying of the wisdom of God through the church to rulers and authorities in the heavens (you are being watched!)
  • v11- (your life is) all part of an eternal purpose
  • v12-approaching God with freedom and confidence through Christ
  • v13- overcoming discouragement caused because of suffering
  • v14- prayer to the Father
  • v16- strengthened with power
  • v17 – established, rooted and grounded in love (God’s favor, goodwill, mercy, affection) & Christ abiding in our hearts through faith!
  • v18- power together joined with other saints to grasp the expanse of His love
  • v19- knowing (comprehending by experience) this love that goes beyond the simplicity of knowledge and understanding (which can easily be deceived or shifted) – so that we can be filled to ALL the fullness of God
  • v20- His power at work in you (despite what you perceive or feel) far beyond we can think or imagine
  • v21- bringing glory to God through the church and Christ Jesus that extends through all generations

You are part of something that was in motion long before you got here and will continue through the ages!

Each verse could have extensive study and commentary, but I want to bring attention to a repeating theme. Notice the word “power”. We are human beings that experience a roller coaster of emotions, feelings and distractions from our eternal purpose each day. He understands we will need something far greater than we have within ourselves to see and accomplish all He has called us to so His power isn’t just something around us, it is something He has put to work IN us to see and fulfill each and every purpose He has for us – amazing!

So, I pray (Ephesians 1:18) today for our eyes to be open to see and know the hope to which we are invited to live in and experience!

And you thought today was just another normal Monday! 🙂


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