The Gravity of the Son

Romans 1 says creation testifies to the glory of God and gravity is one of many things that point us to Christ. Jesus said in John 12:32 he would draw which literally means “to drag” all people to Himself. As time draws nearer to us being in Revelation 4 & 5, we are experiencing an increase of the gravity of the Son in this hour.

Book Intro: Unsearchable – A Journey Into the Riches of Christ

Intro for upcoming book ‘Unsearchable: A Journey Into the Riches of Christ’.

Most people attribute their security and sense of well being to their natural state or sum of their resources, but it became apparent to me that, as believers in Christ, we are the wealthiest people on the planet completely apart from the status of our bank account.  To take it even a step further, if we attribute our state of wealth or well-being based on the abundance or lack of our material possession or our natural state, we have already missed apprehending the riches of Christ.  This upcoming book will be part instruction and part application and sometimes miraculous real life testimonies on a journey into the riches of Christ.