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This is a collection of the most recent messages I have shared at Living Word Church  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)ch.  Also, if you are on Facebook, most of these can be seen on video HERE at about 60 minutes into the video.

  1. Connected and Qualified:  2 Corinthians 2:12 – 3:6  The book of 2 Corinthians was written during a very difficult season of Paul’s life and in the section we look at today, Paul demonstrates a value for connection with those God has partnered him with for Kingdom purposes over every “open door for ministry”.   In the Kingdom, the “how” or the way we are go or do something is often directly related to a “who” and when we partner with the right people we get the right results.  Even more so, God chooses to qualify and partner with us so much so that He will sacrifice efficiency for the sake of bearing fruit together with us in the Kingdom even when He could do it much quicker on His own.        VIDEO Here (forward past worship 1:20)
  2. Passover Lamb:  Risen With Christ   The first time we hear of the Passover lamb is in Exodus 12 and it is referenced throughout the Bible after the first Passover.  In the prophetic journey through scripture, it becomes clear that Christ was always the true Passover Lamb but it all means nothing until He is your passover lamb.  What does it all mean for you?   VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1:25) 
  3. Testing, Identity & Inheritance:  Luke 4 Temptation of Christ  Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to the wilderness for a season of testing dealing with His identity and His inheritance.  You and I have and will face similar tests concerning our identity in Christ, our value, provision and trying to take hold of our inheritance before the timing Father has ordained.  Let’s look at what Jesus did as our firstborn brother to show us how to stand in times of testing. VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1 hour 20 min)
  4. Freedom and Order:  Isaiah 61:2  The Lord is doing a work across the earth in His body dealing with freedom and order!   Why?  Because He desires to bring much greater levels of freedom to His body and it will simultaneously require an increase of order.   We often think of order as external organization and that is part of it but really just a small part.  Kingdom order is really about alignment of hearts beginning with alignment with the Lordship of Jesus and then His people moving together being aligned in heart.  It begins in the spirit but requires discernment that eventually affects all areas of life including family, church cultures, government and finance.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  5. Be Filled!  Ephesians 5 “Manna in the Melody” You may not think of it or realize it but the New Covenant is marked by melody and song (Rev. 15, The Last Supper, Acts 16, Acts 13 etc)!   Ephesians 5:18 actually commands us to “be filled” with the Spirit of God and gives us the key of “melody” for being and staying filled.  Melodies to the Lord actually become like manna that feed and nourish our souls with the presence and power of Holy Spirit! VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  6. Let the River Flow:  Overcoming Bitterness    In order to walk in open-hearted confidence with God and Kingdom community, Ephesians 4 says it is vital to “put away all bitterness” among other things to experience the Ephesians 5:18 life-flow of God and living waters in our hearts.  Forgiveness is an action of the heart, but bitterness is a condition of the heart that leaves one’s heart hardened and living as if we are on our own for provision and protection.  Stewardship of Kingdom activity in a city or community begins with surrendering the hard places of our hearts to the Lordship of the King.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  7. Confidence in God and Community: Breaking Shame   1 John 3:21 says “if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God.”  A large part of the body of Christ lacks confidence in God, in prayer and in community because there are some foundations that need to be in place to live confident in God and in Kingdom community.  Breaking condemnation and shame (hiding our true self) are two of those critical foundations.  Listen in VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  8. The Gravity of the Son:  Romans 1 says creation testifies to the glory of God and gravity is one of many things that point us to Christ.  Jesus said in John 12:32 that he would draw all men to himself if he was lifted up.  As we are moving closer to the manifestation of Revelation 4 & 5 in natural time, the gravity of the Son, Jesus, is actually increasing in intensity as it pulls everything toward Himself.  The greek word for “draw” in John 12 actually means “to drag” which not only is pulling those with eyes to see and ears to hear but even those that are resisting like in Psalm 2.   VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  9. Honoring the Gift, Ephesians 4: In Ephesians 4 it says Jesus gave gifts (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) to the church.  One of the best ways to honor the giver of a gift is to receive and honor it.   There has been much negative press over the past few years because of bad leadership in the church, but just because there are bad leaders doesn’t negate what is right and true.  Join me as I confess some of my issues in this arena and honoring my leaders.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1:17)
  10. Matthew 18 Protection Process:  “Church hurt” has been a buzzword over the past decade.  I have heard many stories of behavior in “church” that needed correction or accountability and it breaks my heart.  Father God has always had a plan to protect individuals and Kingdom communities and if we follow the Matthew 18 Protection Process with truth and grace we will do well to protect individuals, Kingdom communities and even more so the glory of God in our midst.   VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1:15)
  11. Father’s House of Prayer pt2:  This is the conclusion of “Father’s House of Prayer” where we look at the last three attributes of a lifestyle and house of prayer:  Father’s pace, Father’s power and Father’s posture.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1:17)
  12. Father’s House of Prayer pt1:  Has someone ever asked you to describe a person, place or experience with just one word?  It is impossible to encapsulate anything in one word, but Jesus said the house of Father, Son and Holy Spirit would be classified as a house of prayer.  There are a number of attributes that describe a “house of prayer” but we will look at three in pt 1.:  Father’s praise, Father’s priority and Father’s purpose.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  13. Slavery to Sonship:  In the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, there are 2 ways we operate when our hearts are not at home in the Father.  We will either seek comfort by earthly pleasure or affirmation by our performance at home, work or in religion.  Father has something far better.  Are you living as a slave and an orphan or a son?  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  14. Whiteboard to the Heartboard pt 2; “I am ______”:  We all look for ways to define ourselves when Father has something far superior to accolades or medals for our achievements.  How do you fill in the blank and define yourself?  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  15. Whiteboard to the Heartboard (Bob and Tina):  In Acts 13 at Antioch and often throughout the Book of Acts, the early church didn’t have the option to plan out of New Testament church experience because they were making history instead of copying it.  Their mode of operation was often to gather and unite in prayer and worship and from that place divine wisdom and plans were released with power to fulfill it.  We see Father moving us from the “whiteboard” of human wisdom to the “Heartboard” of unity and Spirit led fruit bearing!  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  16. Riches in the Mud: No Stories No Glories; Riches of Christ pt7:   Life on earth sometimes means trial and painful struggle.  No one is exempt.  Some believe that since we are God’s children, we shouldn’t experience suffering and on the other end of the spectrum some believe because Father doesn’t prevent every painful situation that it must be His will for us to be broken.  According to 1 Peter 1 and 2 Corinthians 4, both are incorrect and the “stories” of overcoming through Christ are for His and even our glory one day.  VIDEO Here (forward past worship to 1:23 into the video)
  17. Grow In Love – 2022 Mandate:   We have been talking with a great friend about the verse 1 Corinthians 16:14 that says “Do everything in love.”   In order to grow in love in 2022, there are a few things that will begin to change and happen if we take hold of the grace to grow in love.  Here are 4 things that will happen this year if you are going to grow in love:  VIDEO Here (forward past worship)
  18. The Earth is Waiting – From Appealing to Revealing:  We love the idea of appealing.   If we are great leaders, warriors, overcomers, influencers, preachers, etc it is appealing to people and it feels good to look good.  However, Romans 8:19 says the earth isn’t waiting for something appealing but the “revealing” of the sons of God in this hour who can bring change, freedom and healing with the authority Father has given!  VIDEO Here:
  19. Awake, Watch, Keep the Oil: Jesus told his disciples in Mark 13:37 and Matthew to “gregoreo” or “stay awake”. This is an hour of history that we must be spiritually awake, watching and keeping the oil as we are demonstrating and calling the world to be watching for the return of the King. VIDEO Here:
  20. Riches of a Tender-Hearted Life: Riches of Christ pt6: Ephesians 4 gives us the instruction to be tender hearted. In this day and time, Holy Spirit is softening hearts, doing Malachi 4 healing heart surgery in marriage and families. This is just part of the Riches we have in Christ throughout the book of Ephesians. VIDEO Here:
  21. Riches of a Tender Heart: Riches of Christ pt5: One of the most overlooked Riches of Christ is a tender heart toward Father and people. This is such a needed contrast to the spirit of our day and you can live with this blessing! VIDEO Here:
  22. Kingdom Community: The Lord is restoring first love to His people right now and out of that love is a fresh building and life in Kingdom Community. This revitalized dynamic is a place of unified worship, life giving fellowship and fruit bearing! VIDEO Here:
  23. Amazing Grace: Favor and a Force! Grace is the love of God in action toward us and a powerful force at work in us for transformation and fruit bearing! VIDEO Here
  24. Breaking the Curse of “Not Enough”: Colossians 2:10 says we are “completein Christ. In Christ every need has been met and as we learn to see in the Spirit we see that the curse of “not enough” has been broken in every way! VIDEO Here
  25. Power, Love and Sanity: The past 12 months have pressed fears and anger to the surface in many people even to the point of asking “are you crazy!?” Father has much better plan to deliver us from fear and for us to walk in power and love! VIDEO Here (begins at 1:22)
  26. Antioch: A City on a Hill: Acts 15 describes the church of Antioch as a place of great worship, prayer, missions, teaching and prophetic ministry. This is a great picture of a diverse, life and spirit filled Kingdom community that became the premiere missions base of the New Testament! VIDEO Here
  27. Better Than the Movies: Acts 10 is an incredible account of Peter and a people experiencing a God encounter with dreams, signs, wonders and divine encounters. This true story was an example for us to live a life that isbetter than the movies! VIDEO Here
  28. The Freedom of Self Control: One of the greatest fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control. It is what gives us the freedom to be led by the Holy Spirit in all situations and free from being controlled by people or any Spirit other than Holy Spirit. VIDEO Here
  29. The Surpassing Riches and Sufficiency of Christ: We need constant reminders of the power and sufficiency of Christ for the days ahead as we are to walk more in the goodness and power of God so readily available in Christ! VIDEO Here
  30. Simple, Fun, Effective 2021:  The Kingdom and the church in a new season and the Father shared 3 words to filter things through for 2021:  Simple, Fun, Effective.  We are to be simple in devotion to Jesus, full of joyful, life-giving activity and bearing more fruit than ever before.  I believe it will resonate with your spirit.  VIDEO Here *begins at 1:15 into the video
  31. Wisdom > Exalted Knowledge:  2 Corinthians 10 speaks of arguments and knowledge that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ.  We are living in a day when someone can share a piece of “enlightened” or popular knowledge and it can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.  However, it is absolutely critical that we discern what is wisdom and what is just exalted knowledge in this hour.  VIDEO Here begins at a little past 60 minutes into the video
  32. Church Under Pressure: The Book of Acts records the early days of the Church and they were under immense pressure and opposition.  They did not cower or retreat but rather thrived.  Let’s take a look at how we can go far beyond surviving in this hour:  VIDEO Here  at 51 min mark
  33. Covert Advance 2020:  A worldwide pandemic, political and social upheaval and worry all around.  The enemy unleashed something called Covid19 to kill and destroy but Father had a Covert Advance in mind for 2020:  VIDEO Here  *message begins at around 48 min
  34. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ pt 4: The Riches of Restoration  The gospel is far more powerful and beautiful than just a “get out of hell free” card.  Isaiah 61 talks about what Jesus came to do in the earth and through us but He first wants YOU to be restored and made whole in your soul and emotions. Father wants to place Truth high above the lies of trauma and to assure us the Healer is greater than the “hurter”. Listen HERE.
  35. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ pt 3: Praise Perceives Provision  The question is never ” Are the riches of Christ here or coming in the future?”  No!  The question if whether we perceive them!   If we are surrounded at all times by the riches of Christ, how do we learn to see and perceive them with our spiritual eyes?  Listen HERE to discover how to see what is all around you! (Video Here)
  36. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ pt 2:  Expressed Through You  Ephesians 3:8 says the Father’s plan was to display His infinite creative wisdom and riches of Christ through His sons and daughters in the earth!   Christ is the source of life, redemption and provisions of all types but He chooses to display and disperse those things through His church.  That means, as a believer, you have a purpose much bigger than you could imagine. Listen HERE  for more! (  (Video Here)
  37. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ pt.1:  In Ephesians chapters 1-3, there are between 25-40 spiritual blessings we have in Christ!  In Christ we are the wealthiest people on the planet completely apart from our natural means or circumstances.  In Him we find identity, abundant grace, wisdom and power for every situation.  To go on a treasure hunt for the riches of Christ Listen HERE ! (Video Here)
  38. The Gift and the Giver:  Christmas is a time of rememberance and celebration but it was born out of an act of giving when the Father gave the gift of His Son.   Listen HERE as I share 5 intentions of gifts and gift giving.
  39. Redefining Intimacy, Connection and Sex by Jenn Bevan:  I am excited to be able to share this outstanding message from my wife from a series called Redeeming Culture.  Listen HERE as Jenn shares about intimacy in relationships from the perspective of Christ and the Bride with an overview of the Song of Solomon.
  40. Defined by Design: In Genesis God created male, female, family and work and He blessed all of them.  In order to experience the blessing of what He created and how He designed it, we have to break agreements with lies and accusations the enemy has said against gender, family and the blessing of work and purpose.  Listen HERE  
  41. Favor Doesn’t Mean Easy! In Joshua 17, the descendants of Joseph complained to Joshua the land they inherited was not big enough and was inhabited by powerful enemies. Joshua tells them to clear the forest and defeat the opposition for all the land they need. God has the same message for you today because favor doesn’t mean it will be easy! LISTEN HERE
  42. Four Keys in the Fire: We will all face times that feel as if we are in a fiery furnace of trial and testing. When we are in those seasons, there are 4 keys to bring us through to the other side. LISTEN Here for the 4 Keys.
  43. Shame Free for the Win:  This has been a life-changing conversation for us personally and our LWC family! Shame is the belief we are unworthy, unacceptable, we don’t measure up or the fear of being known.  We all have failures, behaviors, weaknesses or even successes we have hidden for fear of being known or rejected.  Where does this come from and how does it affect our everyday lives?   Click Here to Listen
  44. Invitation Activation:  * This is the follow up to “The Divine Invitation”.   There were some invitations the Father has given us for 2019 and these are some practical steps to see dreams realized:  Fun, Fasting and Feasting together, Food and Friends, Man Prayer, Matt. 17 Breakthroughs, Fathers and Mothers not delegating discipleship of next generation and #DontFightAlone Pathway to Freedom for people dealing with addictions of all types. Click Here to Listen
  45. What’s Next? Life After the Holy Night:   Some moments and seasons in life are wonderful!  The night Jesus was born was filled with wonder, angels, joy and promises fulfilled, but not long after that extraordinary night things hit the fan.   So, what do we do after the party and the magic is over, everyone has gone and we are left overwhelmed with a mess and disappointment?  Click Here to Listen
  46. The Divine Invitation: We all have been given a divine invitation by the Father. If we will receive it, He has invited us to Fascination with Jesus (life beyond boredom), Freedom from all bondages and addictions, and to be Freedom Fighters to set others free to live fascinated and free as well. Do you want to take the invitation? CLICK HERE to Listen
  47. Dreaming With God:  To dream is to be honest about our hopes without fear.  3 dreams I have for my family and community are to be a supernatural people demonstrating that God is near and active in our lives, to be a people that are committed to not fighting alone and overcoming every obstacle with power in unity and (16,807) to see a city transformed by intentional giving away the gospel of the Kingdom.  What if?  Dare to dream with me and listen in …CLICK HERE to Listen
  48. Home of the Brave:  The strongest you will ever be is vulnerable.  To live a life of love is not for the faint of heart. Only the brave have the courage to risk the possibility of hurting in order to give and receive love.  Where will you choose to live?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  49. Glory to Glory: Generational Increase – Would you rather live in the valley or on the mountain top? Father God wants to us to move from one state of glory (favored in His eyes) to the next no matter what state we are in. This message is about discovering what phase you are in and where to go next. CLICK HERE to Listen
  50. No Covet in Covenant – Comparison pt.2: The story of David and Bathsheba is one of the clearest examples of coveting the Bible. In 2 Samuel 12, God shows us coveting comes from something deeper than a desire for someone else’s stuff. CLICK HERE to Listen
  51. Comparison Killer:  Run Your Race!:  We have all dealt with comparison at one time.  Comparison is a liar that tells us our success is based on our ability to be someone else.   Listen in for the cure for comparison.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  52. Shine Like Stars:  Philippians 2 says there is a way that we can shine like stars in a dark, fallen world.  How? Surprisingly, it is not something many would consider grand or noteworthy, it is simply to do life without complaining.  Complaining is an external evidence of an internal lack of trust.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  53. The Gift:  Imagine if someone risked everything to deliver a priceless gift with unlimited potential and power.  Would you open it?  Would you take the time to discover how it operates and uniquely benefits your life?  Jesus promised when he returned to the Father they would send that gift . .. .. CLICK HERE to Listen
  54. 3 Reasons You Need a B-Team:  We all need a team of people we can reach out to for prayer, support and encouragement.  If I didn’t take my car to get an oil change for a year, I wouldn’t say, “no one loves my car, it is unloved, not cared for and neglected.” But, we neglect putting our heart in the place to be cared for by Father and others and get frustrated that we are not cared for. Here are 3 reasons we all need a B-Team. CLICK HERE to Listen
  55. Called Out and Covered: After the fall in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve hid from God.  Father didn’t come to their hiding spot and shame or expose them.  He invited them into the light to cover them.  Hiding is the declaration that fear is the ruler in that area of my life which guarantees that struggle will continue until I am in the light.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  56. Pruning: Invitation to Increase:  One of the times we are most susceptible to self-pity and doubt is in a time of pruning.  We see loss when Father wants to bring Increase. CLICK HERE to Listen
  57. Gotta Let Go To Grow!:  In John 21, the disciples are considering giving up and going back to their old life.  Jesus meets them there and we see at least 5 things we must let go in order to continue moving forward in life.   CLICK HERE to Listen
  58. New Season, Old Giants:  When God brought his children out of slavery in Egypt, He deliberately took them on a course to meet and defeat giants when they were ready and able.  Sometimes we will experience an old struggle in a new season, not because we are that same person with the same struggle but because God brought back an old issue for us to defeat in a new season of grace and wisdom. CLICK HERE to Listen
  59. Dream pt 2: Dreaming With God:  When we are living in the hope and freedom God has for us, we should be dreaming with God for His reality in our homes and cities. What are the things that hinder dreaming with God?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  60. Dream! Loving God With All Your Mind:  What does it mean to love God with all of our mind?  It means our mind is fixed on the promises and possibilities of God.  What did He say and what could He do?  Loving God with our mind begins with having peace but it ends with dreaming with God in prayer and hope.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  61. Slavery to Sonship:  Many people live their entire lives like the older brother in Luke 15 working for something they already have.  Do you live for God’s approval or from God’s approval?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  62. Advocate Or Accuser?:   Jesus didn’t come to fight the world, He came to invite the world!  We will either partner with the advocate (1 John 2:1-2) or the accuser (Revelation 12) with our words and attitudes.  Who are you partnering with?  CLICK HERE to Listen:
  63. Worship or Wantship: God gave his best to us so the only right response is recognizing and responding to his worth with our lives. CLICK HERE to Listen
  64. An Invitation To True Riches:   Through Christ, we have an invitation to things far beyond money can buy and the way we steward our natural resources paves the way to steward true riches. CLICK HERE to Listen
  65. The Wonder of Christmas: The wonder of Christmas is that there were only two men that did not have a natural father and Christ came to be the firstborn of those who live by the Spirit instead of human strength.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  66. A Fire and a Friend: The Holy Spirit is a gift to us from the Father to not only testify of Jesus transforming work in our lives, He is meant to be a friend like no other.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  67. The Trial Is Your Servant:  According to Romans 8, we are now co-heirs with Christ to the inheritance He has.  This message talks about how we practically experience walking in the promises of God in our lives through trials and training.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  68. 1 + 1 = 10,000:  Pressure serves a purpose.  Maybe the battle you are facing is not just for you to learn to defeat the same enemy again, maybe God is allowing pressure to cause you to partner together with someone else for a much bigger victory than you would see on your own.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  69. Are You With Me?  Romans 12:15 says to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.  When under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, emotions are a gift that connect in relationships. Listen for 5 keys to living with Spirit-led emotions.  CLICK HERE to Listen



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