Stew Rd. Audio Messages

Occasionally, I have the opportunity to speak to groups.  These are a few of those talks.

  1. Dreaming With God:  To dream is to be honest about our hopes without fear.  3 dreams I have for my family and community are to be a supernatural people demonstrating that God is near and active in our lives, to be a people that are committed to not fighting alone and overcoming every obstacle with power in unity and (16,807) to see a city transformed by intentional giving away the gospel of the Kingdom.  What if?  Dare to dream with me and listen in …CLICK HERE to Listen
  2. Home of the Brave:  The strongest you will ever be is vulnerable.  To live a life of love is not for the faint of heart. Only the brave have the courage to risk the possibility of hurting in order to give and receive love.  Where will you choose to live?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  3. Glory to Glory: Generational Increase – Would you rather live in the valley or on the mountain top? Father God wants to us to move from one state of glory (favored in His eyes) to the next no matter what state we are in. This message is about discovering what phase you are in and where to go next. CLICK HERE to Listen
  4. No Covet in Covenant – Comparison pt.2: The story of David and Bathsheba is one of the clearest examples of coveting the Bible. In 2 Samuel 12, God shows us coveting comes from something deeper than a desire for someone else’s stuff. CLICK HERE to Listen
  5. Comparison Killer:  Run Your Race!:  We have all dealt with comparison at one time.  Comparison is a liar that tells us our success is based on our ability to be someone else.   Listen in for the cure for comparison.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  6. Shine Like Stars:  Philippians 2 says there is a way that we can shine like stars in a dark, fallen world.  How? Surprisingly, it is not something many would consider grand or noteworthy, it is simply to do life without complaining.  Complaining is an external evidence of an internal lack of trust.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  7. The Gift:  Imagine if someone risked everything to deliver a priceless gift with unlimited potential and power.  Would you open it?  Would you take the time to discover how it operates and uniquely benefits your life?  Jesus promised when he returned to the Father they would send that gift . .. .. CLICK HERE to Listen
  8. 3 Reasons You Need a B-Team:  We all need a team of people we can reach out to for prayer, support and encouragement.  If I didn’t take my car to get an oil change for a year, I wouldn’t say, “no one loves my car, it is unloved, not cared for and neglected.” But, we neglect putting our heart in the place to be cared for by Father and others and get frustrated that we are not cared for. Here are 3 reasons we all need a B-Team. CLICK HERE to Listen
  9. Called Out and Covered: After the fall in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve hid from God.  Father didn’t come to their hiding spot and shame or expose them.  He invited them into the light to cover them.  Hiding is the declaration that fear is the ruler in that area of my life which guarantees that struggle will continue until I am in the light.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  10. Pruning: Invitation to Increase:  One of the times we are most susceptible to self-pity and doubt is in a time of pruning.  We see loss when Father wants to bring Increase. CLICK HERE to Listen
  11. Gotta Let Go To Grow!:  In John 21, the disciples are considering giving up and going back to their old life.  Jesus meets them there and we see at least 5 things we must let go in order to continue moving forward in life.   CLICK HERE to Listen
  12. New Season, Old Giants:  When God brought his children out of slavery in Egypt, He deliberately took them on a course to meet and defeat giants when they were ready and able.  Sometimes we will experience an old struggle in a new season, not because we are that same person with the same struggle but because God brought back an old issue for us to defeat in a new season of grace and wisdom. CLICK HERE to Listen
  13. Dream pt 2: Dreaming With God:  When we are living in the hope and freedom God has for us, we should be dreaming with God for His reality in our homes and cities. What are the things that hinder dreaming with God?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  14. Dream! Loving God With All Your Mind:  What does it mean to love God with all of our mind?  It means our mind is fixed on the promises and possibilities of God.  What did He say and what could He do?  Loving God with our mind begins with having peace but it ends with dreaming with God in prayer and hope.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  15. Slavery to Sonship:  Many people live their entire lives like the older brother in Luke 15 working for something they already have.  Do you live for God’s approval or from God’s approval?  CLICK HERE to Listen
  16. Advocate Or Accuser?:   Jesus didn’t come to fight the world, He came to invite the world!  We will either partner with the advocate (1 John 2:1-2) or the accuser (Revelation 12) with our words and attitudes.  Who are you partnering with?  CLICK HERE to Listen:
  17. Worship or Wantship: God gave his best to us so the only right response is recognizing and responding to his worth with our lives. CLICK HERE to Listen
  18. An Invitation To True Riches:   Through Christ, we have an invitation to things far beyond money can buy and the way we steward our natural resources paves the way to steward true riches. CLICK HERE to Listen
  19. The Wonder of Christmas: The wonder of Christmas is that there were only two men that did not have a natural father and Christ came to be the firstborn of those who live by the Spirit instead of human strength.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  20. A Fire and a Friend: The Holy Spirit is a gift to us from the Father to not only testify of Jesus transforming work in our lives, He is meant to be a friend like no other.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  21. The Trial Is Your Servant:  According to Romans 8, we are now co-heirs with Christ to the inheritance He has.  This message talks about how we practically experience walking in the promises of God in our lives through trials and training.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  22. 1 + 1 = 10,000:  Pressure serves a purpose.  Maybe the battle you are facing is not just for you to learn to defeat the same enemy again, maybe God is allowing pressure to cause you to partner together with someone else for a much bigger victory than you would see on your own.  CLICK HERE to Listen
  23. Are You With Me?  Romans 12:15 says to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.  When under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, emotions are a gift that connect in relationships. Listen for 5 keys to living with Spirit-led emotions.  CLICK HERE to Listen


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