About The Blog:
In Mark chapter 7, there is a story of how Jesus healed a man that was deaf and could not speak well.  There was a large crowd present when all of this took place and the word on the street immediately became, “Jesus does all things well.”

For all practical purposes, that man could have been me or you.  I am on a journey to hear more clearly what Father God is saying to me and being responsible to speak and act on it as I should.   I hope to reveal the One who has proven to be the way, the truth and life to me and share transformational truths that set us free to be who Father created us to be.

So, this is one way I am working to be responsible to steward (Stew Rd.) what He has said and done for me. Just like the crowd around Jesus that day, I can say “He has done all things well” in my life, so you could say I am a Bob well done.

About Me:  Son, Husband, Father, Pastor. Married to my dream girl, Jenn. Proud dad of a 19yr old daughter that I look up to and a 14yr old son who is a ton of fun. Both make me smile a lot.

I love to share good food.  Stew Rd. is sharing the good food that that has fed my soul.
I am inviting you on the journey with me to unpack the story of God’s goodness in our lives.

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