Born Infected

We were born infected. You were. I was too. No, it wasn’t Corona virus, it was actually something far worse with eternal implications.

Some Corona inspired meditations….

  • God CREATED – Genesis 1-2
  • Sin SEPARATED- Genesis 3, Romans 6:23
  • Father INITIATED – John 3
  • I RECEIVED the free gift – John 3
  • I am RE-CREATED – 2 Corinthians 5:17

A virus or infection is one of the best analogies for the destruction of sin. Why such the big deal? God is life and the source of life. When we reject connection with Him and choose to live life apart from Him or His instructions that lead to life that is called sin.

Human reasoning has trouble with that concept but the natural result of disconnecting from the source of life is death. That is what sin does and we were all born into this life already “infected” with sin and a natural bent to do life our own way.

Father never wanted it this way and the amazing thing is Revelation 13:8 says before the world was made, Jesus knew we would choose life our own way and He decided He would give His life and blood to redeem us from the consequences of of sin (Romans 6:23).

His blood is the “antivirus”, so to speak. His life was given as a free gift but a gift isn’t yours until you receive it. The best decision I ever made was admit I needed rescued from sin and receive the gift of forgiveness, life and restoration back to the Father.

If you want the best gift ever it is easy to receive…. “Father, I have sinned by living life my own way apart from You. I ask you to forgive me. I believe Jesus died in my place and was raised to life so I could be raised to life as well, not just in heaven, but on earth in relationship with You as well. I receive the gift of your love, life and restoration back to You now and forever!”

Father is a way better dad than any of us are or ever had. He is overjoyed when we return to Him!

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  1. It’s awesome how just a small change in our perspective can change our lives forever. Seeing the Father as our Savior and hope changed my life forever! He removed infections I didn’t even know I had!

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