A God For The Asking

Great re-blog short read by a friend of mine. Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you!

Typos & Memos

I love to ask questions! My wife has often given me the “look” when I unknowingly interrogate our dinner guest with questions. How is life? What are the dreams of your heart? What would be a crazy feat you would try if you couldn’t die? These and other questions could be the typical questions I might ask. Why do I ask such questions? It’s not so that I can gain secret information about my friends and blackmail them later. It’s not so I can feel better about myself. It’s not so I can make them feel small and insignificant. No, I ask questions because I really want to know them. 

The other morning I had this thought, “I don’t ask enough questions”. Well, as I already described, many of those closest to me would not agree with this statement. However, when it comes to God, I realize this is totally…

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