Sex Done Well pt. 4: Forever Connected

Sex pt 4: Forever Connected

Sex was designed to be a powerful bond for husband and wife that encompasses spirit, soul (mind and emotion) and body.

God has designed us in such a way that when we have a sexual experience our brains release different neurochemicals that do a few amazing things.

During a sexual experience dopamine is released in the part of the brain responsible for emotion and learning.  It is a sort of “high” and attaches a craving to a memory.

Oxytocin is released as well during a sexual experience that help create long-term memories, deep bonds and connection to that experience and person.

Endorphins are released that give a “high” sensation in one’s body and then afterwards serotonin levels change and give a sense of calm and comfort.

Research has shown that pornography and cocaine have a similar addictive effects in the brain. We are seeing every day the negative effects of sexual misuse and addiction. The irony of pornography is people begin with a desire to experience the pleasure and connection of sex with a person but over time porn addicts lose desire to have a relationship with a real person altogether because their brains have an addiction to porn like a drug of choice.

So doesn’t it make sense that God in His infinite understanding would tell us to save all of that for our spouse?

The incredible power of sex for bonding, pleasure and craving was all intentional by design so that my spouse would be the only person I would have that type of connection and bond with.

It is brilliant that we were created in such a way that we would physiologically and sexually be joined to and crave our spouse and not anyone or anything else.


Feel free to share. Up next Part 5 – What do we (almost everyone) do if we didn’t have a fairy-tale experience?

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  1. Marriage is not for everyone, but good sex is.

    Interesting piece, but I encourage you expand your mind to realize that not everyone is straight, not everyone is religious, and not everyone wants to get married.

    But everyone of legal age has the right to consensual sex, and no one is unethical for doing so.


    1. Hey Amanda,

      I understand where you are coming from and why you feel that way. I agree with you that adults are entitled to how they want to handle their sexuality.

      I have considered other angles and am fine that others may disagree with me. It is for them to decide what they believe.

      From my life experience and after considering other angles, I believe there was a designer of our sexuality and the guidelines given weren’t for the sake of being prude or kill-joy but the best option for body, soul and spirit to be valued and affirmed in the process.

      I sincerely hope all the best to you and your journey.


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