Gotta Let Go To Grow

Ever feel like you aren’t going forward?

It seems like the rest of the world is moving and you are somehow stuck in slow motion?  At one point in time, we have probably all experienced that feeling.

As long as we are holding tight to the past, it will be difficult to have a future.

In John 21, the disciples are considering giving up and going back to their old life.

There are more than these, but I recently shared 5 things (disappointment, my old life, confidence in my own understanding, good times past and failure) from John 21 that we must learn to let go in order to move forward in life.   I trust they will impact you like they did me as you listen to AUDIO – Gotta Let Go To Grow  (notes below.)

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John 21 – walk through chapter – 5 THINGS WE MUST LET GO TO GROW!
V 3. Peter “I’m Going fishing” – – In John 20 it says they are behind locked doors because they are afraid of the Jewish leaders who just killed the Messiah and want to eliminate all trace of this Jesus of Nazareth -they are afraid – Fear always puts us in a self-imposed prison

they are not sure what the future holds They have seen Jesus but He shows up and says “Don’t be afraid” and then He disappears again!

1st Thing – Disappointment – not what we expected

If we don’t learn to let go of unmet expectations we will never be able to see what God has for us in the future – God always has something ahead

We have to learn to anticipate His surprises more than we love the picture we have in our heart
V. 3 2nd Thing – Old Life 

Last time they we went fishing and had a miraculous catch?

Luke 5:10 Jesus replied to Simon, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people!” 11 And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus.

If we don’t learn to let go of disappointment we will almost always gravitate towards our old life – God is moving forward – He doesn’t stop His purpose and plan for long to have a pity party over what was – He has good things ahead
“Abandonment says God wasn’t with me in past circumstances.

Worry says He won’t be with me in the future.When we embrace either one we have trouble seeing Father present and active here and now. #IAm here”
“THEY CAUGHT NOTHING” – when we get disappointed and get stuck going back to old life and ways we will find ourselves in a place of seeing little results and fruit – Determine “I’m not going back! “ – partner w others – submit to one another – don’t let me go back!
V. 4-6 Control and faith in My Understanding

We are not called to understand – we are called to trust – prov. 3:5-6 – trust in all your ways – lean not on your understanding

The Temporal things – What makes sense to our mind and reasoning is not always what will bear fruit!

** Side note – v 9-10 Jesus doesn’t need your fish but He loves to partner with you! * kimberly morrison posted on a facebook post this reminded her of how as parents often we can do a job quicker but if we don’t involve our kids they never learn to do it themselves – Jesus would values working with us more than efficiency

V 12 -14 – “None of the disciples dared ask “Who are you?” “

Why?? It was Jesus – why would they question even be in their minds?

Why wasn’t it obvious this is the guy the spent the last three years with?
He had be different in appearance -even on the road to emmaus in Luke 24 after the resurrection Jesus walked w them and even went to their house and they didn’t recognize him until he broke bread – * tended to recognize Him when He broke bread – may not know by what we see but we will know by how He feeds us – often can discern his leading by his feeding
Jesus was teaching them to know him no longer by the flesh but by the spirit – he was the same as he has always been but soon he would no longer be w them physically – before he was physically in the boat in luke 5 but now they respond to his voice and commands without his physical presence and the same results –
4th Thing we have to let go of? SOMETHING GREAT in the last season – They had to let go of Jesus the way they knew him before – the season of physically walking and talking and ministering the kingdom in word and action together

One of the most difficult things to let go of is not always not pain and tragedy but something really good

Some love fall! But without winter and spring there is no new life – if we wear summer clothes into the winter season we end up freezing to death

Fruitful season of business or ministry , season of Joy, a relationship, a friendship,

Maybe a church the way you like it on old tasso that moves to the old pathway building, maybe a child that grows up and graduates and moves on to the next season of life outside of your home

*** Luke 9 – Jesus sent out the 12, – then feeds the 5,000, – then Peter declares Jesus is the chosen Messiah who would come to rescue God’s people, – then Jesus tells them “I’m going to be killed” , NEVER LORD (Matt. 16) Get behind me Satan!” – Transfiguration – Jesus, Moses, Elijah – “IT IS Good for us to be HERE!”

Peter wanted to preserve a good thing “Build a shelter” something permanent here – God always liked tabernacles instead of temples – tabernacles move – temples were fixed until He made US HIS TEMPLE
Jesus answer for what in exchange? Pentecost
Me inside of you to give peace and power – never will I leave or forsake and never will you lack


Whenever Jesus asks us to let go of something He always gives us something in exchange.

It often begins w just him and his peace and presence – even just a word or a promise – but that promise or word is a seed that will grow into something great
He is working on our faith and removing fears that cause is to hold onto inferior securities
V. 15-24 Jesus Reinstates Peter

Do you love me?
Why was this so painful? Jesus addressed the past by revealing truth in the pres

We get stuck in the past – “I failed – that is who I am, my identity is that moment or that season”
Jesus never asks questions to get an answer he asks questions to reveal an answer to us

Jesus addressed the past by revealing truth in the present
He already knows – he is allowing us to own it – He can tell us anything – it is when we see and say the truth that things begin to change!
Jesus was saying “Peter I already know you love me peter – we are not in the past I am here with you now and forever – follow me now – let the past go!!”

5th thing to let go – Failure

If not careful we can make an identity out of a moment

Jesus knows our weakness – He doesn’t excuse it but He doesn’t define us or our future by our weakness – He defines it by His strength!
FOLLOW ME!! We are often looking to the future and past “What about John!? “ we are looking to the right and left and He is right there I AM face to face –

Peter would go on to follow Jesus – he would go on to turn the world upside down by the power of the Holy Spirit – all the way until his death – crucifixion upside down – he learned to let go of fear and worry and “FOLLOW” stay with Him through the good and the bad! JESUS PRESENCE IS GOAL

Disappointment, Old Life, Faith in Understanding, Great Things, Failure



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