Called Out and Covered

* This blog is from the audio message Called Out and Covered, given at Living Word Church on October 8th.  To listen to the audio click -> HERE

“You literally messed up everything.”

He could have said that.

He could have blown up at them.  He could have went straight to their hiding place (Gen. 3:9) and dragged them out with only the nearest branch they could tear off to cover their nakedness, afraid and ashamed and made sure everyone knew it was their fault.

Where Are You?

He gave a simple invitation in the form of a question. “Where are you?”   He gave them the choice to come out of hiding into the light.

Fear lied to them and us and says, “God is just a distant, withholding, rule-keeper.  YOU can provide something better for yourself but… …… have to go outside of Covenant with God and family to get it.”

How we see forbidden fruit reveals much of what we believe about Father.  Is He really a good provider or do I need to go out of bounds to provide for myself?  If you have ever taken forbidden fruit you eventually learn Father’s boundaries are given for one of two reasons:  to protect His blessings or to protect your freedom.

To eat forbidden fruit, we have to believe the voice of Fear and until we replace that lie with Truth, we will see through a lens of fear, mistrust and suspicion.   Hiding from God and others is a rational option when we are listening to the voice of Fear.

Hiding ( struggles and failures) is a declaration that fear is the ruler in that area of my life which prevents me from experiencing victory or freedom in the matter.

Fear becomes the master in darkness.  Fear says, “You have to provide for yourself.  You will be rejected if you go for help.  You are alone to face the fight.”  When Fear is the voice we are listening to, we cannot find comfort in the light, love and security Father offers (John 15:9-10 make your home in His love).

When we are not at home in the love of Father, there are only 2 options we take to try to soothe the need of rest and to fix the pain:  PLEASURE or PERFORMANCE.  Remember the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15?

The younger brother wasn’t satisfied being in relationship with Father and all that came with it so he took his inheritance and found the biggest parties he could find until the cash ran out.   He hoped Pleasure would fill what only love could.

And the older brother?  He had the same problem but it looked more “grown up” and responsible.  He wasn’t happy and at rest in the love of Father, so he became a striving, angry, jealous work-aholic.

Both went to addictions of some sort to find what only love could give.

Addiction isn’t a love for alcohol, pills, food, sex, work, or accolades, it is the inability to find comfort, healing and satisfaction in covenant with Father and family.

God came and gently invited Adam and Eve out of hiding into the light to not only be seen, known and accepted but to be covered.   We have the same invitation to come into the light to be loved into wholeness.

The invitation to the light is an invitation for brokenness to be loved into strength and wholeness.

He is still asking the question today, “Where are you?”

I pray courage for you today to break alliances with fear that say hiding is your best option.   I’ll leave you with an invitation by a song called Out of Hiding (video).

Extended Sermon notes -> Called Out and Covered

BREAK IT DOWN and Take it home!   Process it some more with some coffee or friends!

  1.  ICEBREAKER:   What is your most epic hide and seek story or best hiding spot?
  2. Take a look at Genesis 3:1-10, at what point do you think fear entered the equation for Adam and Eve?
  3. Based on their reaction verses 7-8, what were some of the assumptions or changes in the way they perceived God and each other after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?
  4. Why do you believe people run to darkness for a sense of security?
  5. Would you say we all have areas of struggle, fear or weakness that we are afraid of sharing with others?
  6. Imagine someone hiding behind a tree or in the dark while telling others to go see God for help, comfort and healing.  Is it possible for us to boldly encourage people to run to God for safety and help, when we have areas we are hiding from God and others in?  How so?  (no right or wrong answer here, just getting us thinking)
  7. The article says there are 2 ways we seek to be comforted, Pleasure or Performance,  if we are not finding rest, security and safety in the love of the Father (John 15:9-10 Msge).   Have you seen this to be true in your life, and if so how?
  8. ACTION STEP:  1. Take a moment to pray for self or others in the group to find courage to step into the safety and security of the light of Father.  2. To take a small step, consider a brother (men) or sister (women), that you would feel safe to talk to and pray with this week about a struggle you have.

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