She Was Once Your Queen

Dear Husband,

Don’t take for granted that you get to wake up next to the woman who said “I do” to you.

Marriage isn’t easy. Sometimes it is downright painful and the pain of disappointments or unmet needs and expectations can put a wall between your hearts.

But, don’t forget there was a time you didn’t want to live another day apart. There was a day you went to great lengths to win her heart. There was a day you made sweet, tender gestures, wrote notes or kind and creative words to win her affection.

If she doesn’t seem to think you are all that now, have you stopped to consider how you once pursued her and made great efforts to communicate that she was #1 to you and asked yourself when was the last time you did that?

Have you considered that there is always something that has your focus, passion and attention whether it be work, humanitarian causes, politics, sports, entertainment, friendships outside of the marriage or hobbies? What is it that you light up and talk about with ease and passion? What is it that takes up your spare time?

She and others around you know what it is and there was a day that she was at the top of the list.

I just returned from a week away to visit some friends out of the country and, as I am waking up today, I am reminded what a great privilege it is to wake up next to the woman that stole my heart and attention almost 30 years ago.

So, husbands, remember how it all began and remind her who she is to you. If it’s been a while since she felt like #1 to you, it may take some time for her to warm up, but if you will remember and be consistent for a little while, she will love you for it.

Coffee time…

  1. What were 3 things you loved about your significant other when your relationship first began?
  2. How did you communicate your affection or admiration back then?
  3. If it is different now, what keeps you from expressing your admiration or affection?
  4. Before pointing the finger, are you giving your wife reasons to feel admired or special or are you waiting for her to make the first move?
  5. Did you always wait for her to make the first move when dating or did you take the risk to initiate expressing value and worth to her?
  6. What is one small way you could communicate she is priority to you now?
  7. Need some tools to get the job done? Free 🏅Relationship Resources HERE

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