Man Code of Ethics

Men and brothers,

This is our Code of Ethics (Man Code video HERE) for Lion Chasers Men @ Living Word Church. It’s not trying to be perfect, it’s about walking it out even through weakness, inadequacy and failure.

QUESTION: Would you want your teenage son or daughter to show up in life even when it’s hard?

Would you want them to take responsibility to build relationships, be loved and not blame the world?

Would you want them to work with you to overcome adversity or keep it a secret and crash and burn?

Would you want them to be hopeful about God’s promises and ability even when it looks bleak or just give up and be negative and bitter about life?

** Until we take responsibility for these and begin to practice them and keep practicing them, we are training our kids and environments in the opposite.

August 24th we will be hosting our 3rd annual No Man Fights Alone conference called “Forged”. I hope you will plan to be with us for #NMFA2019, stay tuned for more info.

Man Code Message @Lionchasers


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