Daily Bread Living

Daily Bread Life….

“Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11

You know He could easily give you a semi-truck load of bread? If one loaf is good then a semi-load is better, right?

But then you have to figure out where to park it wherever you go. .. .. and instead of getting where you are going quickly with your current mode of transportation it takes 2x as long to maneuver a semi and diesel prices require you to get another job to pay for it. . .

…. . . . because a semi-load is better than a loaf, right?

The #RichesOfChrist mean I can “have nothing (in my hands) and possess everything” (2 Cor. 6:10). “One loaf living” means I have “bread” (provision, earthly stuff needed for daily life) in one hand and the other is holding the hand of Father who has and IS all we need, while living in the joy and delight of walking with Father instead of spending my days worrying about how to manage 1,000 loaves.

If you are called to distribute loaves, you will have the grace and provision to deal with semi loads of bread and the headaches that come with a fleet of bread trucks and still have one hand firmly grasping Father’s hand.

Daily bread life is what Jesus taught us to pray for. That’s not to say extra is wrong (He loves to give abundantly) but daily bread life = freedom to love and be loved without distraction and demand of stuff that doesn’t matter.

Enjoy your bread today. . . … . .He probably will even add some butter for you.


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  1. Great simple word for us. I note that when we have a truckload of bread, we have to start caring for the bread. Our eyes look away from the Provider over to the provision. Peter experienced a similar thing when he began to look to the water to hold him up. “Well, that didn’t work!” Traveling light can be uncomfortable at times, but my eyes are drawn to Jesus, my Provider. Ps 56:9 illustrates this.


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