Holy Agitation

There’s a holy “hangry” as we are beginning 2023. How would you describe hunger? What do you feel and how does it affect you? Hunger is an uneasy irritation or desire that grows until we eat. We can distract ourselves from it but until we eat the gnawing irritation will grow until it is satisfied.

In John 4, after his disciples returned from lunch to find Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well, they encouraged him to eat some food as well and he responded, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” Jesus must have been silent after that statement because then the disciples are talking among themselves trying to figure out how Jesus already got lunch. He then says, “my food is to do the will of Him who sent me and finish His work.”

When we are born again, we are born into a Kingdom that has a Father, a King and their Spirit living inside of us. The Holy Spirit is stirring a holy hunger with increasing agitation to do and be satisfied by the will of the Father and there is nothing else that will satiate the soul of a believer.

There is no lasting contentment in the American dream of financial security, white picket fence, two kids a dog and occupying our lives with work and entertainment.

We are children of the Father of light who carry his DNA for reconciling things back to Him (2 cor. 5). We have been given literal weapons (2 Cor. 10) that are not of this world that are effective for the destruction of the the enemy’s work in our lives to steal, kill and destroy our purpose and families.

If we do not do what we are born to do (reconciling this fallen world back to Father) and spend our days watching our iPhones instead of wielding our weapons, we may be entertained and “prospering” by earthly terms but dying on the inside of spiritual starvation.

Ever been “hangry”? The temptation is to be fussy and agitated with everything and everyone around us but the solution is food not fuss. There is a holy “hangry” in the Body of Christ. There will be a temptation to point fingers at one another instead of identifying those around us we are to partner with together to do the will of the Father and be satisfied.

There is an urgency in this hour to Ephesians 4 equip (restore, repair, prepare, empower) people for works of service (serving of people that enriching and/or transformational) not just works in church services. Our food, satisfaction and delight is the Father, His family and His mission and many are being made aware of deficiencies in our spiritual diets.

Hunger has a purpose. It is to move us to action for satisfaction. Is your satisfaction and delight really in Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Are you spending time with His family and still experiencing gnawing hunger pains? If so, there is probably something of His will He is stirring in your gut that will not be satisfied with business as usual. What is He stirring in your soul? Pray about who you are to partner with to do the will of the Father and be satisfied with food this world cannot offer.


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