A Bob Well Done

11253685_10155707438290029_4629162233917935587_nWelcome to the blog of Bob.

For the past year or so, I have considered starting a blog but I am so late to the game I didn’t want to be a copycat or too “look at me” so I have procrastinated for a while.

*note to self – pride will generally cause you to be too early or late with your delivery

There are a few reasons I decided to pull the trigger on the blog thing:

  1. I like to write.   I have a Secondary English degree but I probably couldn’t “Secondary English teach” my way out of a paper bag.  I enjoy creative writing and, in many ways, I feel I express myself better writing than speaking.
  2. Sometimes there is more to be said than a social media post.  It gets awkward to write a long post and is more than most people bargain for on social media.

But, most importantly.  . . . stewardship.   I feel I need to give attention and effort to some things I have been given.

In Mark chapter 7, there is a story of how Jesus healed a man that was deaf and could not speak well.  There was a large crowd present when all of this took place and the word on the street immediately became, “Jesus does all things well.”

For all practical purposes, that man could have been me.  I am on a journey to hear more clearly what Father God is saying to me and being responsible to speak it when I should.  So, this is the beginning of me trying to be responsible to steward (Stew Rd.) what He has said to me and done for me. And, just like the crowd around Jesus that day, I can say “He has done all things well” in my life so you could say I am a Bob well done.




  1. OK. First off, there are several funny things to your blog I wouldn’t even had considered on mine. Yours matches your personality and mine doesn’t yet.

    You are a good writer and I totally get just wanting to write. There is a burden or desire that has to be released. You articulated that very well. I signed up to follow you. This will be fun to watch and learn together.

    Liked by 1 person

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