Sex Done Well 

Unfortunately, many people get the impression from Christians that sex is bad, something to keep quiet about or avoid. I think we get the idea that somehow God designed us but Hollywood, humanity or the devil have the corner on the market on how to approach sex.

Consider this:  Time and time again, God communicates that He has our best in mind in regard to our purpose, our future and our relationships.  If Father God wants to see us have life to the fullest (John 10:10), why would this area of our life be any different?

Why would He be a good father out to protect and lead us to the best but withhold and deprive us in the area of our sexuality?

Popular opinion says sharing a sexual relationship is good so go explore and experience all you want.  God says it is actually way better than that, it is something far to valuable to shared casually.

The truth is sex is a gift to be given not a pleasure to seek without a forever promise.

Why does God say wait for marriage? Because the gift of your heart, soul and body is so precious and priceless that if someone doesn’t promise to love and commit to you for life, they don’t deserve to experience that part of you.
So, with 20-30 million people in some type of sex slavery, rampant news stories and situations and inappropriate sexual advances and propositions from guys to young women in our local church community there’s too much at stake to not have some conversations.

To be continued…..

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