Sex Done Well pt. 2:  Covenant or Consent?

Just because I can isn’t always a reason that I should.  Consent is the prominent mode of operation in our day and time but Covenant sex was the intention from the beginning.


In the end, how much different are a player (male or female) and someone who forces their self on someone else in an assault situation?

Yes, I understand there is consent and that makes all the difference legally.  I also understand that both parties usually have different motives for consensual sex whether it be gratification or looking to be validated in some way and adults are free to make those choices.

But, after the sexual encounter what is their long term intention of caring for or valuing the other person?  The answer to that question will vary.  But often, at the core, it is a self centered act to gratify, validate or medicate something broken or empty inside one or the other.

Unfortunately, it is all too common to be manipulated and used for self centered reasons in an attempt to fix or medicate a void or broken place in our soul.
You are priceless, not just a band aid to be used for someone’s temporary need or want.
Covenant says, “Until I promise to value and care for you forever, I have no right to the priceless gift of your sexuality.”

You are worth a forever commitment, not just a temporary exchange.

To be continued…

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